CCT Youth Presents…

Camp Stowaways by Tracy Poverstein

“This delightful coming-of-age fantasy has fun exploring the “right” age to give up sleeping with stuffed animals and blankies. It’s summer break and a new group of tween girls are about to face their fears and insecurities as they learn to cope at Camp Libertas, where they’ll find only tough love, not loveys. While Major Marjorie and Miss Angie aim to lay down the law and turn another group of girls into young women, the little ladies’ sleep toys come to life with other plans. Who knows if the girls are ready to give up their loveys, but the talking, walking cuddly toys sure aren’t ready for the transition! So as the reluctant campers pack to get ready, the loveys stow away to stay near their girls. What happens once they’re discovered goes to show that no one ever really outgrows unconditional love and the security of having a loved one near — even if those loved ones are plush novelties and blankies with make-believe personalities.”

Performances are May 3rd at 7pm and May 4th at 2pm and 7pm.