Youth Theater 1-Acts

CCT Youth Theater One Acts

CCT Youth Theater brought to the stage two one-act plays.
Witch Hunt by Stuart Ardern
Witch Hunt tells the story of a village’s fears and suspicions of an old woman who appears to be practicing witchcraft. This is a more serious drama rather than a comedy, but it’s suitable for the whole family.
All the Bases by Alan Haehnel.
In an effort to create the perfect production, the cast begins by reading the “survey results” they got from the audience in response to the question, “What do you want from a play?” Based on these responses, the cast creates a checklist and presents a play meeting all 15 audience requirements. The hilarious result is its “short-cheap-educational-safe, non-schedule-interfering, colorfully-costumed-interestingly-set, photogenic, Shakespearean, self-esteem-building, combative-musical-repartee-filled, stars-your-precious-child, contains-no-scratching-or-picking-of-the-embarrassing-variety…show!”
This is a great opportunity to see the valley’s next generation of talent and it’s fun for the whole family.
June 7th and 8th 7pm Tolt Middle School
Tickets $10 adults $8 youth/senior at the door