Giving Tuesday coming soon!

Giving Tueesday

Join Us for Giving Tuesday on November 28, 2023!

Cascade Community Theatre has been a hub of creativity, inspiration, and community spirit for over a decade!  This #GivingTuesday, let’s come together to support the arts and ensure a vibrant future for our local theatre.

Your donation, big or small, makes a difference! Every dollar goes towards:

Empowering Local Talent: Nurturing actors, directors, and behind-the-scenes wizards who bring stories to life on our stage.

Creating Unforgettable Moments: From captivating sets to enchanting costumes, your contribution helps us craft magical experiences for our audiences.

Educational Outreach: Fostering a love for the arts in the next generation through our youth program.

Community Engagement: Strengthening the bond that ties us all together, fostering a sense of belonging and shared joy.

This Giving Tuesday, show your love for Cascade Community Theatre! Let’s continue to make memories, inspire, and celebrate the arts together! Thank you for being part of our incredible community.  #GiveToCCT #SupportTheArts #GivingTuesday #CommunityTheatreMagic #CCTPlays

Donate before November 29th here: