Performing for more than a decade

About Us

Cascade Community Theatre strives to provide opportunities for people of all ages to experience all aspects of play production in the Snoqualmie Valley.


For over a decade, Cascade Community Theatre (CCT) has helped to bring the arts to the Snoqualmie Valley area

Cascade Community Theatre, based in the Snoqualmie Valley, provides an opportunity for people of all ages to actively participate in every aspect of the theatre. Cascade Community Theatre typically produces up to four shows each year, including a vibrant Youth Theatre program with productions for both elementary and middle school students. Our members come from all walks of life, and participation in our productions offer young and old alike a supporting environment to learn, grow, make friends, and follow their individual passions.

In addition to our own productions, Cascade Community Theatre has been an active participant in community events, such as Duvall Days and Carnation’s Fourth of July celebration, Duvall’s annual Halloween Trick or Treat event, and Duvall Foundation for the Arts annual event, SandBlast: Festival of the Arts.  We are actively working towards deepening our relationship with the Monroe Arts Council, as well, and are looking for new opportunities to continue bringing quality theatre to the region.  Our 2017 holiday production of Annie resulted in significant crowds and introduced hundreds of new attendees to our organization.